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Tonight's dinner - Chicken Tacos

I am blessed to be able to do what I love which is teaching Pilates and Nutrition and after a long day of work, I am usually starving so I always try to plan and prep my food ahead of time so that when I am done teaching I have a healthy choice to enjoy and I am not grabbing junk to eat. I love nutrition and my philosophy is to treat your body with kindness and respect by giving it the foods it needs. The better you nourish your body the better your body will treat you, giving you the strength and energy to go about your days. Now don't get me wrong I love my treats and finding a balance is all any of us can do. I wanted to share my favorite chicken taco recipe with you because I am obsessed with it. After all, it is so easy and delicious and if I can make your dinner time a little easier I am happy to do so.

3-4 chicken breast

2 tbs of taco seasoning ( I prefer homemade)

1/3 cup of water or chicken broth

1 can of rinsed and drained low sodium black beans

1 Cup of Salsa

Put all of these ingredients in the instant pot and set it to manual for 15 minutes once the timer is done do a quick release, shred the chicken and mix it all around to let the meat absorb the juices. At this point, all you have to do is eat! Easy.

This recipe can also be made in a crockpot, put it all in, and set the crockpot high for 4 hours or low for 7-8.

Serving ideas: In a bowl with quinoa or brown rice

In a corn shell as a taco

In a lettuce bowl with your favorite toppings

There are so many ways to enjoy this recipe.

Let me know if you try it and how you liked it, I would love to hear. XO

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