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Royal Oak Pilates

Pilates is safe and effective for all ages while building strength, increasing flexibility, improved posture, better balance, and a stronger core.

Reasons to Try the Reformer

What is a Reformer

At Royal Oak Pilates not only do we use our own body weight for training in our virtual classes, but when training in house we also utilize the Reformer and small pieces of equipment to train you. The Reformer is suitable for all ages and is very safe and effective. The Reformer uses five springs that can be added or removed to increase or decrease the load during functional exercise. The aim of the Reformer is to activate and strengthen muscles - maximizing functional stability, balance, and flexibility.

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What the Reformer Accomplishes

Reformer Fitness can be implemented as a training tool for sport specific injuries, reinforcing core stabilization for chronic lower back pain, and introduces a great range of diverse exercises for rehabilitation in the post-operative period. The Reformer is designed to assist injury types that require weight bearing support through the lower limbs, accelerating your recovery process.

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The Physiological Effect of the Reformer

Pilates is a system of exercises meant to train the whole body. Your body moves through all planes while focusing on breath and control. On the Reformer, the springs resist the movement not just concentrically but eccentrically. If you lay on your back
and push out, you have to control the return against the springs. If you were hiking down a hill, you would need control on your downward step. Eccentric strengthening: Did you know you expend more energy walking down a hill than up even though it doesn’t feel that way because the demand on the heart and lungs is less. Incorporating eccentric strengthening into your routine helps avoid injury and overtrain your body. An eccentric contraction is when the muscles lengthen under a load while also contracting.

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Frequently asked questions

Interested in learning more? Here are a number of frequently asked questions I've received. I've tried including a comprehensive variety, but if you still have questions, please get in touch and I’ll answer them ASAP.

What type of equipment do you have?

I have 2 STOTT Pilates reformers. I also have assorted smaller equipment and props like the cardio trampoline, weights, bands, fitness circles, weighted bars, and toning balls to keep things interesting.

How many people can you train at once?

In house I am able to only train 2 clients at a time which provides an intimate and cozy atmosphere. When training virtually I prefer to train at most 6 clients at a time to monitor the group for proper form and give modifications when needed.

Why do people love Pilates

People love pilates because it is gentle yet effective in building up core strength, adding balance back to your body, improving your posture, and gaining flexibility. However, the list of benefits goes on.

Does Pilates offer any cardio component?

Yes, you you can attach a jumpboard or cardio trampoline to the end of the reformer and get both the benefits of cardio and pilates all in one.

Where did you study and what is your background?

I studied STOTT Pilates (a contemporary approach to the Pilates method which utilizes modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation) at Equilibrium in Bloomfield Hills and completed my training and certification in 2010. Since then I have taken workshops each year and have continually been seeking out new opportunities for professional growth and education.

My background began in college with exercise science courses and eventually brought me to Pilates - my true passion. 

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