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Pilates - What is a Reformer

Pilates is a system of exercises meant to train the whole body, moving through all planes while focusing on breath and control. At Royal Oak Pilates not only do we use our own body weight for training in our virtual classes on the mat and on the chair, but we also utilize the Reformer and small pieces of equipment to train you in-house.

What is the Reformer, you ask? Well, the reformer is an amazing apparatus that uses five springs that can be added or removed to increase or decrease the load during functional exercise. The Reformer aids in activating and strengthening muscles, maximizing functional stability, balance, and flexibility. It also helps intensify Pilates movements by providing resistance in the form of the springs. As your strength increases, you can change to heavier and lighter springs to add more of a challenge to your movements. (Lighter springs don't necessarily mean easier in the Pilates world!)

No matter which form of Pilates workout you choose - on the mat, the Reformer, or a combination of both - it’s bound to be unique and challenging, and definitely fun. The Reformer is suitable for all ages and very safe and effective.

Reach out if you have any questions and would like to give it a try. XO

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