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"How do you get back on track with your diet and exercise?"

The comment I hear the most from clients is "I need to get back on track". Sound familiar? You see, we're only human and we cannot be perfect every day with all that we have to do. Eat right, exercise, cook and meal prep, be a caregiver, AND let's not forget just being a Mom. Life is hard, but it doesn't mean that taking care of yourself is impossible. Yep, I said it, stop making excuses. When I hear those excuses (and believe me, we women including myself can make the best excuses ever!) I like to say if you don't take care of yourself now then how can you take care of others later?

Did you know that a study done by reported that 10 million people over the age of 50 take care of elderly parents? How can you care for an elderly parent if you're out of shape, get winded easily, have no strength, and are always tired?

When you fall off the diet wagon what can you do to get back on? Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Take one day a week and plan out your meals for the week.

  2. Use your calendar to see what is coming up that week so you don't plan on making something difficult on a busy day, this will always send you running for pizza instead.

  3. Grocery shop with your menu so you don't have to keep running to the store.

  4. Take one day to meal prep as much as you can, this is such a time saver.

When you fall off the exercise wagon what can you do to get yourself back on track?

  1. Each week look at your calendar and plan for what will work with your schedule.

  2. Don't plan an hour-long workout on the days you have a million things to do.

  3. When you can't get in a workout take a quick walk around the block. Just 10 minutes a day will still benefit you.

  4. Find a workout you love or at least enjoy; there is no law that says you have to start running if you don't like running.

If you noticed a common theme here, it's to use your calendar! A calendar is a great tool and everyone has one. I would say "good luck" but really it's not about luck, it's about you. Take time for yourself because you are important!

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